Two Tickets To Paradise


A Heartfelt and Hilarious Journey to Self-Discovery

Embark on a breathtaking and transformative journey with Katie Love - from the confines of an oppressive cult to a life filled with laughter, freedom, and self-discovery. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be inspired by her resilient spirit.

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“Katie Love’s remarkable memoir is as unexpected a read as her life’s journey has been. She has survived truly harrowing experiences thanks to her inner strength and undimmed resilience. But Katie’s fierce intelligence and wry sense of humor shine brightly throughout even the darkest moments, and will have you wiping tears of laughter from your eyes even as your heart breaks. Katie’s writing is raw, brave, and at times unexpectedly poignant. This is an unforgettable book.”

Channing Dungey

Chairman, Warner Bros. Discovery Television

This book screams “Netflix movie.” “Netflix series.” This writer doesn’t hold back, and her life has had enough trauma and drama that, well, when she is not holding back, you better stand back. There is so much realism here. I’d need a spoiler alert if I were to begin to cite the instances. Miss Love grabs your attention and just never lets go, and you end up thanking her for it. Fortunately, the humor lightens the mix and provides the balance you need.

Jim M.
James M.

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In 'Two Tickets to Paradise - From Cult To Comedy,' Katie Love recounts her extraordinary journey of escape from a stifling cult to a world of self-acceptance and laughter. Filled with moving stories of struggle, discovery, and heartwarming moments, this book is a testament to human resilience and the power of laughter.

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The Year is 1970

The horror soap opera “Dark Shadows” is all the rage, the Vietnam War is raging and nine-year-old Katie, an imaginative and independent latch-key kid, comes home from school to discover her mother’s suicide.

Taken in by her older sister who has recently become a Jehovah’s Witness, Katie is shown an illustration from a bible picture book featuring wild animals peacefully lounging by a pool of water, surrounded by happy people picking fruit.

An enticing offer is made: “Katie, this is Paradise. Do you want to see Mom again, happy and living forever? All you have to do is follow all of Jehovah’s commandments and you can be with Mom again.

”Mom happy and living forever? Two tickets to Paradise, please! 

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Meet Katie Love

Katie Love is not only a writer, comedian, and cult-survivor, but she's also passionate about sharing her story of finding freedom and embracing a life of laughter. She is the author of the novel, Cubicide, and L.A. Artists, a collection of interviews featuring some of L.A.’s award-winning artists. Katie is currently hard at work on her new novel and slinging jokes in preparation for her solo show, The Everything Room. She can be reached through her website at

Chapter 01

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The first time I realized that my inherited childhood religion was not for me, I was standing at a stranger’s door feeling like a quick-draw cowgirl: my right hand resting ever-so-slightly on the latest copies of “The Watchtower” and “Awake!” as I waited, watched, and listened for the faintest sign of interest. I was poised and ready to whip out my weapons, twirl them around and point to a picture of “paradise,” which usually consisted of savage beasts now docile, co-mingling with domesticated humans near a waterfall. The domesticated humans wore suits, sundresses and a glazed-over, expectant smile while busily picking fruit — which always disturbed me as a child. Why was everyone picking fruit and why were they doing it in their dress clothes? I’d seen farmers harvesting their crops in the middle of a hot day. It didn’t look like paradise to me.

The stranger who planted the first seed of doubt in me was a long and lean musician type, devastatingly handsome, shirtless, sweaty, oozing sin, his hip bones just barely caressing the top of his jeans. He had dirty, mangled hair, the kind of hair one gets when they’re brilliant and tortured, too creatively inspired to engage in something as common as grooming.

He looked deep into my eyes and let his gaze travel slowly over the rest of my body, over my pastel-colored sundress and my thick, flesh-colored nylons that met up with sensibly heeled sandals. I gulped.

“H-hello. How are you today?”

“I’m good, baby. How are you?” he answered, reaching up into the door frame as if searching for a hidden key, stretching, seductive, cat-like.

“Um- I, I’m pretty good, too! Nice day!”

“Real nice,” he purred. “What can I do for you, pretty girl?”

So un-cool, man! How could I do it? How could I tell him that I was a Jehovah’s Witness there to share a Bible thought? Ew! Who cared about that? I wanted to share anything but the Bible with this stranger. I wanted to lose myself in his filthy hair and sing folk songs and drink moonshine if that’s what he was offering. I wanted to burn “666” in his chest hair and take a Polaroid and send it to the JW headquarters.

But then it hit me…he’s not as important as seeing her again. Nothing was as important as that. I had to keep the faith whether it made sense or not. I had to do everything perfectly if I ever wanted to see her again because He was watching. Not to mention I didn’t recognize any of the stirrings in my body, or why my face was on fire, or why my voice was quivering. I could only trust what I’d been taught: “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for.” Oh, how I hoped to see her again.

Reluctantly, but with practiced, robotic skill, I reached into my bag and pulled out the latest and greatest editions of “The Watchtower” and “Awake!” and said, “I’m here to share a Bible thought. Have you ever thought about living in paradise?”

I winced, waiting for the laugh or the standard “I’m not interested,” but what I heard instead was, “Maybe. Will you be there, baby? I’d like to share some paradise with you.”

Laughter from another room…a waft of sweet smoke, a yank of my arm, a closing door, more laughter and there I was, standing in the middle of a bright, sunny day on a banal, suburban street, my reality altered, carnal questions rushing through my veins.

“Sister!” snapped the senior citizen zealot that had lost me a few houses back. “Never go to the door alone! It’s very dangerous! That man was not interested in hearing The Truth!”

I took a long look at my elderly companion who had spent her entire life shuffling from door to door speaking “The Truth” to strangers on their porches, their front yards and their living rooms. Strangers who had stopped washing their car for a moment, turned down the radio long enough to be polite and utter over a barking dog, “No, thank you.” Strangers who were despondent or just plain tired, wearily chasing their kids around, who would ask just who she thought she was to interrupt their day. Strangers who had invited her in and read along from their own Bibles, searching for answers, wary of this thing called “The Truth” and the arduous possibility of living forever.

I looked into her piercing blue eyes of servitude and without hesitation, said,

“No one cares! This is dumb!”

“Wait in the car,” she replied curtly. “Clearly, you need more Bible study.”

I was 12 years old and I had experienced an epiphany: the “truth” does not always set you free.

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Meet Author Katie Love

Two Tickets to Paradise, from Cult to Comedy tells the hilarious and heartbreaking story of an earnest, bible-toting kid intent on saving the world, and follows her metamorphosis into a boisterous comedian intent on saving herself through the healing powers of humor. Come meet the author and purchase a signed copy!

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Katie Love's gripping Cult Escape Story comes to life in her latest memoir, "Two Tickets To Paradise - From Cult to Comedy," now available at Barnes & Noble.



Book Launch Party

Join us on November 19th, 2022, at 4 pm for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate the book release of Katie Love's latest literary masterpiece at Decadence Bar, located in the picturesque Hermosa Beach, California. The event promises a vibrant fiesta with a performance by the lively Angry Donkeys, who will set the mood with their infectious live music. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to meet the incredible author, indulge in some literary conversation, and revel in the spectacular atmosphere of Decadence Bar by the beach. 


“In this memoir, Love effectively explores how the traumas of her youth and upbringing gave rise to her decision to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. She’s a talented storyteller, breaking her life into vignettes that highlight the humor, tragedy, and absurdity of her childhood…Love doesn’t hide her emotions, however, offering readers a narrative voice that will keep readers engaged and sympathetic…”


"This book was almost impossible for me to put down. It was funny, tragic, authentic - the full gamut of emotions. The author had an amazing knack for making you feel as though you were a part of her tale..."


"A book that made me feel every emotion (in a good way). I continued to think about parts of the story after reading it & want to read it again. A light hearted perspective on some heavy subjects. The authors tone felt really relatable. The kind of book you wanna talk about with your friends after reading. A perfect Book Club discussion book..."


There are lots of memoirs written about growing up female in a cult. Katie Love captures the unique experience of growing up Jehovah’s Witness through vernacular and language often only used among the JWs. Love’s memoir is so affirming and empowering to this former Jehovah’s Witness. She captures the experience of growing up female in this cult perfectly. She wrote my story.


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