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Author of Cubicide, Two Tickets to Paradise and L.A. Artists. MC at LA's Laugh Gallery.

Unleashing Laughs from Cubicles to L.A.'s Art Scene and a Paradise in Between!

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Hi, I'm Katie Love. It's great to see you!

Hi there! I'm Katie Love, a writer-comedian, writing coach, and producer based in the City of Angels. I've penned the novel Cubicide, and crafted L.A. Artists, a collection of interviews spotlighting L.A.'s award-winning artists. When I'm not toiling away on my new novel, I'm cracking jokes and prepping for my solo show, The Everything Room. Want to get in touch? Meet me at WriteLaughLove.com!

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Meet Author Katie Love

Two Tickets to Paradise, from Cult to Comedy tells the hilarious and heartbreaking story of an earnest, bible-toting kid intent on saving the world, and follows her metamorphosis into a boisterous comedian intent on saving herself through the healing powers of humor. Come meet the author and purchase a signed copy!

Barnes & Noble, Thousand Oaks, CA
160 S. Westlake Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362




Barnes & Noble Release

Katie Love's gripping Cult Escape Story comes to life in her latest memoir, "Two Tickets To Paradise - From Cult to Comedy," now available at Barnes & Noble.



Book Launch Party

Join us on November 19th, 2022, at 4 pm for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate the book release of Katie Love's latest literary masterpiece at Decadence Bar, located in the picturesque Hermosa Beach, California. The event promises a vibrant fiesta with a performance by the lively Angry Donkeys, who will set the mood with their infectious live music. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to meet the incredible author, indulge in some literary conversation, and revel in the spectacular atmosphere of Decadence Bar by the beach. 

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Book Reviews

Two Tickets to Paradise is a heart-rending tale of childhood survival. Katie Love tells the story of escaping the cult she was raised in with gritty determination, honesty and a good deal of levity despite her tragic circumstance. In the end, it's comedy that pulls her through, gives her direction and saves her life.

Deb Spera  | Author of "Call Your Daughter Home"

This was so empowering! Thank you for being an open book and sharing your thought process of desires and pain of your past. I was cracking up on some of the scenarios. I hope more women read this and feel inspired to live their calling and gifts. It is important to embrace your talents and laugh along the way. Comedy is so healing and that is why I was drawn to your book. Five stars baby!

Lucy Reardon  | Reader

Katie Love's book, Two Tickets to Paradise: From Cult to Comedy, was incredibly compelling, as she is a brilliant storyteller, painting such descriptive pictures with incredible characters throughout her journey. I felt like a voyeur as she drew me deeply into every crevice of her young life, where she seamlessly balanced heart wrenching detail with humor.

Karen Loftus  | Reader

Couldn't put the book down. Read it in one sitting.

Mryan  | Reader

A story of struggle, survival and strength... It's an amazing story and a wonderful read. Run don't walk to your nearest bookstore...

Tony Camin  | Comedian

I was captivated from the opening chapter... The author brings the story to life in a personal, oft times heartbreaking manor. Her perseverance to escape it all is an inspiration to all that have been emotionally and physically abused. A great read that will leave you reflecting on the story long after the book is done.

C Hangartner  | Reader

An incredible story from an incredible writer. I laughed and cried and marveled at the resilience of this woman. I always knew we were stronger together, but never imagined how transformative the power of laughter could be. Thank you Katie!

Lia  | Reader

Thank you for sharing your story Katie, it makes the rest of us know we aren't alone.

Brandon S.  | Reader

...but to actually HEAR her tell that story, brings you into her fight and struggle. It makes you angry, and makes you question the motives of the people who are behind it all.

Mark P Fernandez  | Comedian

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Available in Paperback, Audio Book and eBook Formats.

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One writer in particular stood out from the finalists, with a character-driven story that we just couldn't put down until we'd turned the last page. We can't wait to see what's next Katie Love !

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