Katie Love’s gripping Cult Escape Story comes to life in her latest memoir, “Two Tickets To Paradise – From Cult to Comedy,” now available at Barnes & Noble. This heartwarming and humorous tale enlightens readers about Love’s remarkable journey from her life in a cult to finding freedom and laughter. With the support of her publisher, Crewest Studio, and a partnership with the iconic bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Love’s tale of inspiration finds a home on the memoir section shelf.

When Katie Love’s novel “Cubicide” first graced the shelves of Barnes & Noble a decade ago, it marked the beginning of an incredible partnership between the author and the iconic bookstore. Known for championing a diverse range of books and authors, Barnes & Noble played a pivotal role in introducing Katie Love’s unique voice to a wider audience.

Fast forward to today, as Katie Love celebrates the arrival of her latest book, “Two Tickets To Paradise – From Cult To Comedy,” at the Studio City location of Barnes & Noble. This powerful memoir is a testament to the author’s resilience, talent, and unwavering determination. For years, Love would sit in front of the memoir section, visualizing her book on the shelf. Now, that dream has become a reality, thanks to her remarkable vision and the support of her publisher, Crewest Studio.

The story of “Two Tickets To Paradise” is much more than just Katie Love’s success. It is also a symbol of Barnes & Noble’s growth and persistence, despite the naysayers who dismissed the relevance of physical books in today’s digital age. As Katie Love herself has pointed out, those skeptics were proven wrong by the continued popularity and demand for real books, a notion that also applies to the irreplaceable role of real, human writers.

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In choosing books like Katie Love’s for their shelves, Barnes & Noble has carved a niche for itself, showcasing the power of the written word and the inimitable talents of authors. By fostering a welcoming haven for both readers and writers, the bookstore chain has thrived, proving that both the art of writing and the joy of reading will never fade.

So, in celebrating Katie Love’s “Two Tickets To Paradise,” let us also raise a toast to Barnes & Noble for their dedication to the world of literature and their inspiring journey as a beacon of hope for dreamers everywhere. Never give up!


Katie Love

Katie Love is an author, comedian, and survivor. Her memoir, "Two Tickets to Paradise: From Cult to Comedy," details her journey from a restrictive cult to a life of laughter and self-discovery. Through her writing and humor, Katie inspires others with her story of resilience and transformation.

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