December 6, 2022

From Tragedy to Comedy – A Journey of Healing and Transformation Through Laughter and Self-Discovery [Podcast]

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A recent podcast interview with Katie on the NOT REAL ART podcast.

Our guest on today’s show is a long-time friend and creative collaborator of NOT REAL ART whose name perfectly reflects her distinct style. During our conversation, you’ll discover that Katie Love puts her heart into everything she writes, performs, and creates. Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Katie wears numerous hats as a comedian, writing coach, producer, and author of three books. Her latest work, Two Tickets To Paradise: From Cult to Comedy, recently published by NOT REAL ART’s parent company Crewest Studio, has received high praise from critics and readers alike.

Katie’s personal memoir is a heartwarming yet heartbreaking account of a young, passionate, bible-carrying individual intent on changing the world, and chronicles her transformation into a vibrant comedian who finds salvation in the uplifting power of humor.

On this episode, Katie provides us with an overview of the story she recounts in Two Tickets To Paradise and how it interweaves the humor and tragedy in her life. As she shares with host Scott “Sourdough” Power,

“Comedy-tragedy is what I know and what I’ve had to live through, but it’s also the thing that healed me. Without a sense of humor—even if I didn’t do comedy as an outlet—I don’t know where I would be.”

During our conversation, you’ll discover Katie’s belief that we are the masters of our own narratives, what the term “cunt tank” signifies for her, and why she dedicated her book to all the truth-seekers and nonconformists out there. Katie’s remarkable story, which ultimately culminates in joy and laughter amidst the darkness, is sure to inspire listeners everywhere. Don’t miss our heartfelt and amusing chat with the incomparable Katie Love, and purchase her book here.

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Katie Love

Katie Love is an author, comedian, and survivor. Her memoir, "Two Tickets to Paradise: From Cult to Comedy," details her journey from a restrictive cult to a life of laughter and self-discovery. Through her writing and humor, Katie inspires others with her story of resilience and transformation.

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